Monday, November 29, 2010

Skippyjon Jones and Imagination in the Classroom

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Skippyjon Jones is a character created by Judy Schachner.  He is a Siamese kitten who thinks he is a Chihuahua that is a super-hero.  His imagination is huge and he can help children tune in to imaginative play. 

Skippyjon is the star in a series of books about the adventures that take place inside his closet.  In Skippyjon Jones in the Doghouse, our hero is sent to his room for drawing Chihuahuas on Mama Junebug Jones' freshly painted walls.  When he enters the magical world he finds inside his closet, he discovers that he must save his friends' doghouse from the evil Bobble-ito.

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Skippyjon is a lovable character that young children will love reading about.  He is highly imaginative, a trait that children need cultivated in today's society where video games, tv, and internet seem to do all the thinking for them.  Listed below are links to Skippyjon Jones activities and other suggestions for tapping into your child's imagination.

*Read any of the Skippyjon Jones books and then act out the story with your child.

*Discuss the story with your child and examine ways the story could have ended differently.

*Paint or draw Skippyjon Jones and his friends.

*Skippito Friskito Mask

*Curriculum Connection Guides for all the Skippyjon Jones books

*English/Spanish Language Activity

*What Do I See in the Mirror activity

*Where is Skippyjon Going Next? activity

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