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The Lorax by Dr. Seuss; Lesson Plans for All Ages

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The Lorax by Dr. Seuss is one of the most controversial of the many books written by the man born as Theodore Seuss Giesel.  It tells the story of greed, destruction, and hope that happens when one of the earth's natural resources is exploited. 

 As with Dr. Seuss' The Butter Battle Book, this story for children is more than just a tongue-twisting tale of contraptions and strange creatures.  This is the story of the Truffula Tree and how there were once forests of them.  The air was cleaner, different sorts of animals lived among and near these forests, and how they came to be destroyed.  Told by a Once-ler to a boy who must pay 15 cents, a nail, and a great-great-great grandfather's snail shell to hear the tale, it is a lesson that all who hear it will never forget.

From the first line of this book to very last one, the reader knows this is serious business.  The opening pages are dark and dreary, with shriveled and dead plants dominating the space.  The sky is clouded and smoky as the boy walks up to the lone structure that remains outside of town.  Only when the tale of what used to be is begun, do the pictures turn colorful and cheery.

Read a full review of The Lorax at where I write a column about children's fiction.

Although The Lorax is written for children ages 4 - 8, the lessons that can be learned from this book are appropriate for both children and adults of all ages.  Below are links to some of the various lesson plans available to both teachers and parents concerning this book.

Homeschool Share - social studies, language arts, math, science, art

TeacherLink - 3rd grade social studies - environmental science

Seuss Dude - reading comprehension

Seussville - take part in the Lorax Project

Other ideas

*Write letters to newspapers, public officials, and corporations in support of environmentally-friendly policies and business practices

*Plant trees

*Volunteer to help pick up litter in a park

*Design posters urging the community to care about the environment

*Put on a play about the Lorax to raise funds for an environmental organization

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  1. I have never liked Dr Seuss, but the Lorax is pretty good. The Butter Battle Book is his only book that I truly love...but I don't think it's a kid's book.

    PS. How did you get a job writing for the Examiner?


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